Take a Step Ahead of the Competition

At the beginning of the year I was a little bit skeptical on whether or not I would find a nice offense like I did last year with the Carolina Offense and the Tight Slots formation.  But with some time, labbing, and some nice adjustments and motions thrown into the offense, we got the offense right compared to last years.  I think with this years offense, we are looking at a lot more passing plays to open up the field, mixed in with a good running scheme to torch your opponent on the ground.  Cleveland is a dominant passing playbook, but there are formations where the rock can be pounded, while still tearing apart the defense through the air.  If you’re struggling to move the ball in Madden 17 to start the year, then this is going to be the offensive guide for you!

What comes with this guide?

Swizzy’s Favorite Madden 17 Offensive Concepts
HD Video and Voiceover Breakdowns + Text Thoughts & Setups
Easy Reads & Easy Offensive Concepts
Simple Setups 
Swizzy’s FULL Madden 17 Tournament & Money Game Tested Offense
5 Formations with 22+ Breakdowns & Full Scheme and Adjustments & Bonus Plays Section
Player Depth Chart Position Recommendations


Release Date: September 7th