Take a Step Ahead of the Competition

With the new nano detection system in Madden 17, EASports made it more difficult on us to get A-Gap and B-Gap screamers, which are now virtually impossible.  But no worries, that doesn’t stop us from cooking up the pot and finding heaters from multiple formations to put your opponents in the dirt.  Madden 17 just dropped, so, if you’re someone who wants to get ahead of the curve and get wins early and often, then this is going to be the Madden 17 Defensive Guide for you. With this guide you’re going to get a ton of blitzes and concepts that will steer your defensive in the right direction!

What comes with this guide?

Swizzy’s Favorite Madden 17 Defensive Concepts
HD Video and Voiceover Breakdowns + Text 
Easy Run Defense & Heaters
Simple Setups 
Swizzy’s FULL Madden 17 Tournament & Money Game Tested Defense
4 Formations with 17+ Breakdowns + Full Scheme and Adjustments + Bonus Plays 
Player Depth Chart Position Recommendations


Release Date: August 24th